Hi, I’m Ariel, a registered dietitian/nutritionist! So happy that you’re here. Here I record my thoughts and explorations on food, diet, health, and their relationships with our environment. Don’t be shy and leave me a message!
Hi, 我是營養師Ariel,長期在臨床端做營養治療的工作。這裡紀錄著生活食記、遊記,及一些想法。

Diet, Nutrition Therapy and Global Health

I write about the latest medical advances and provide tailored nutrition therapies to help you explore the relationship between your body, the food you eat, and the environment! Follow my simple guidelines for diets, and you're set for a more healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

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Once in a while, a medical professional takes a break from her routine and travels the world! Having been to 34 countries and counting, I see the world from a dietitian's perspective to learn about the food, the sights, and the cultures on this amazing planet of ours. Here I record the mesmerizing moments and share my unique experiences with you!




Better Call Saf
Bariatric surgery, weight loss
Registered Dietitian
Italy and the U.K.


Gina YC Tseng
Sports Nutrition
Registered Dietitian

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