Nutrition Therapy

。 Clinical Nutrition 。Fitness 。 Weight Loss。Nutriceutical
。Medical nutrition therapy。Sustainable diet

Initial Consult

£ 90 / NT$ 3,600

40 mins (Home Visit)

During this session, we will do a full assessment to understand your needs and answer any questions you might have. We will explore your relationship with food and body image, stress and anxiety levels, eating behaviors, what you are hoping to get out of working together, and so much more. Together, we will come up with short-term and long-term goals towards healing your mind and body.

Follow-Up Consult

£ 45 / NT$ 1,800

20 min AI Clinic (On App or By phone)

In these sessions, we will take time to check-in, celebrate your wins, and continue to explore your relationship with food and body image. We'll work together to identify specific action steps that will help you reach your goals.

6-Weeks Start-up Package

£ 250 / NT$ 10,000

Initial Consult 40-minutes + 5 Follow-Up Appointments 20-minutes

4 Follow-Up Consult

£ 150 / NT$ 6,000

4 Follow-Up Appointments 20-minutes
*Only valid for those who have completed the initial consultation

4-Weeks Intensive Package

£ 450 / NT$ 18,000

Initial Consult 40-minutes + with daily advice for every meal by phone+ face to face appointment every 2 week

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